Everyone’s Water NFTs — Art, Charity, and Holder Benefits

Everyone's Water
3 min readNov 2, 2021

The NFT space is chock-full of remarkable art, fascinating stories, and utility, but there are two areas where it is lacking: 1.) Charity 2.) Holder Benefits. Everyone’s Water NFT aims to change that.

Website: EveryonesWater.io

Twitter: @EveryonesWater

OpenSea: Everyone’s Water Collection


There are many NFT projects that have donated to charity, but only a couple have given more than 5-10% of their proceeds to a good cause. This project will give 90% of all proceeds from NFT sales to two remarkable charities: “charity: water” and “The Water Project”. Both charities work to bring clean water to those in need around the world. Needless to say, there is a lot of need.

Both charities will also receive 90% of aftermarket royalties!

I have been in contact with Anthony Marinos (Head of Business Development at charity: water), Peter Chasse (President of The Water Project), and Alex Taliaferro (Major Gifts Officer at The Water Project). Each of them is excited about the project, and both organizations have agreed to provide public confirmations of donations.

All sales and donations will be tracked on a public Google Sheets document.

Holder Benefits

Many NFTs attract buyers because they are impactful and unique pieces of art. Others attract buyers because they have utility in a game or other virtual space. Only a few provide holders with a percentage of future sales.
If all 100 NFTs are sold, a new NFT drop will take place with 5000 photographs. I have a few ideas for the subject matter, but nothing is set in stone yet. The photographs will be similar in nature to allow for a reasonably quick creation process. Just like this set, the vast majority of the proceeds for the 5000 NFT set will go to the two charities mentioned above. If you are an owner of one of the original 100 NFTs and all 100 are sold, you will get:

⦁ A signed print of the NFT you purchased
⦁ A vote for what photographs will be taken for the 5000 NFT set
⦁ Three whitelist spaces for the 5000 NFT set
10% of the proceeds from the 5000 NFT sale (distributed across 100 holders)


Each and every one of the NFTs in this set of 100 has a piece of me in it. Art has always been a way for me to express myself and grow. I hope with all my heart that the NFT you decide to purchase will bring you a sense of purpose and joy. If you want to know a little bit more about me as an artist, please visit everyoneswater.io/aboutme


All drops will take place on OpenSea.io
Drop 1: 1–33 are out now HERE
Drop 2: 34–66 — TBA— 0.5 Ethereum
Drop 3: 67–100— TBA— Auction

I am not affiliated with either charity, but I have been in contact with both. Each has agreed to verify transactions publicly to assure everyone that the donations promised go to the correct place.

Please consider contributing your hard-earned money to a worthy cause, knowing that your purchase will:
1. Help those in need around the world.
2. Give you a unique piece of art that could greatly increase in value.
3. Give you a chance to earn significantly more money on your initial investment.
4. Bring joy to an artist who yearns to spread love and growth through his passion.



Everyone's Water

A photographer who wants to make the world a better place.